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Hello World! It’s been a little bit since we’ve posted a review on here but we’re back! And today I want to talk about a brand we started carrying mid last year that we have really grown to love and enjoy. With Origin Extracts Products having been on our shelves now for about the last 6-7 months you can bet we have some thoughts on their products. Today I want to cover their wax selection, specifically their Live Resin and Cured Resin Waxes, but first a little backstory:

In their own words:

As a proudly Oklahoma-owned company, our mission at Origin Extracts is to keep our terpene and cannabinoid profiles as close to their “origin” – the original profile of the plant before degradation occurs – as possible. Cannabinoids and terpenes degrade over time naturally and through post-harvest mishandling.

Our team works hard to develop techniques that preserve the natural profiles of each strain delivering the most authentic, consistent, and healthy experience to our patients.”

So why did I include a segment Origin’s own About section in my review?

Good question!

I think with a company like Origin Extracts this information does play an important role in our opinion of them as a brand. In our store, we carry their Live & Cured Resin Waxes in a wide assortment of Badders, Sugars, Crumbles, Sauces etc.


Now with some background on Origin and what products we carry let’s get into the juicy details, Origin Extracts uses Butane as their main method of extraction for their Live and Cured Products, which means that they are not 100% solventless which honestly isn’t a dealbreaker for us, I’ll explain why later on.

Origin Extracts in our opinion is a very ‘Slept on’ brand in the world of wax, all of their wax is very consistent on their testing on both Live and Cured Products with no steep or gradual decline in THC or Terpene Testing, on average; Origin’s Cured Resin Wax tends to stay anywhere from 4% to around 7% with Live Resin Wax testing on average 10% to 13% Terps.


Let’s talk flavor profiles, on the Cured Resin products the flavor is absolutely there, one of our favorites the Strawnana has a very sweet and florally taste to it whereas the GMO x Gelato has more of an Earthy Skunky smell and taste, the hits are smooth, and the smoke is excellent. On the Live Resin side, the flavor and effects come through a lot more, mainly this can be due to several factors, but we will leave this one to 1. It’s Live Resin and 2. Generally, it has a higher Terpene % on average as well and that absolutely comes through while smoking them, the smoke is a lot heavier on the Live Resin and honestly, it’s been our go-to in the wax department for a while now.

Now let’s compare origin to other brands here in Oklahoma, Origin Live Resin retails at our store for $20 a gram OTD, Origin Cured Resin retails for $12 a gram OTD, when you compare that to other flagship extract brands Origin still comes out to be far more affordable for a company who can honestly go toe-to-toe with some of the largest extract brands in the state. Not to mention that Origin releases new strains almost every week so every order we get we always get a large variety of new strains as well as some house favorites.

Wrap Up:

So we have an extract company that provides quality products with consistent testing at an extremely competitive price, even when compared to some of the largest Cured and Live Resin producers in the state. Earlier I was saying they were using butane as their main method of extraction, which when compared to all the other information we have on them is honestly not a dealbreaker for us, don’t get us wrong, Solventless Concentrates are absolutely the best when it comes to the cleanest smoke for wax and shatter, but butane extraction is among one of the most common methods used for making Cannabis Wax

Overall, this is a brand we highly recommend paying some attention to the next time you’re shopping for wax, if you want something with consistent good testing on Terpenes and THC balanced with an extremely competitive price then we highly recommend Origin Extracts. For us personally, our resident wax-heads and been almost exclusively smoking origin wax for the past 6-8 months we have carried them.

We will be posting a review on their Carts and Pods here soon as well so please stay tuned for that when it drops!

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