REVIEW: 1906 Drops:

The Working Combo.



Today we are reviewing a brand that we have been carrying for a few months now.

1906 is quickly becoming exceedingly popular in the cannabis industry for a few reasons which we will talk about in this review, one of those reasons is they are promoted as one of the fastest acting edibles on the market at around 20 minutes. Normally, Edibles can take anywhere from 45 minutes to over an hour to set in before you start feeling the effects. With a 20-minute kick-in time this does in theory make these some of the fastest-acting edibles on the market but not in the way you would think. Today we are discussing their Genius and Bliss drops we have dubbed as the “Working Combo”.

Essentially 1906 drops combine 4-5 different plant medicines with pretty much a 1:1 combination of CBD and THC, and it’s not surprisingly a high amount, on average we’re talking about 4-5mg of each per drop which means you won’t be super high from 1906 Drops.

Let’s start with the Genius, combining plants such as Theobromine, Rhodiola, Bacopa & L-Theanine with a little bit of Caffeine this creates a stimulant that helps increase focus and mental alertness while also helping lower blood pressure and increasing blood flow throughout the body.

Followed up by their Bliss Drops, promoted as something to help with your overall mood Bliss Drops combine plants like Magnolia and Kanna (Sceletium Tortuosum) with that 1:1 Ratio of THC and CBD makes the Bliss Drops ideal for mood elevation and to help curb Anxiety throughout the day, again Theobromine is present in these drops as well helping promote blood flow and helping to lower blood pressure.

What I found after trying these for a few weeks is something that is not going to be intoxicating in the way that Cannabis Flower and Distillate are, what we have is something far more subtle in effect but goes a long way in terms of what they promote. I have found myself taking Bliss and Genius every day and what I have found is that I am far more focused throughout my day as well as being far less irritable, which is a big one for me since normally I am a very irritable person.

Overall, I love the fact that there is now a cannabis solution to helping with mental focus and mood elevation without the side effect of being high when I do not want to be. This is something that 100% has some great benefits without being an intoxicant. Not to mention they have 4 more products including Love, Chill, Midnight & Go. I will absolutely continue to use these throughout my day-to-day adventures.


  1. October 14, 2021 at 8:48 pm

    Interesting. Sounds like it’s worth a try. Do you take both genius and bliss at the same time?

    • January 4, 2022 at 7:30 pm
      Chance Woods

      Our apologies for the late reply, yes normally with Genius & Bliss we have found that 2 drops of each work great for keeping you on task and work-oriented while keeping you in a great mood which we found is perfect for the work environment.

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